Ancient 5
Scalar Salt

Bioscalar charged mix of 5 pristine ancient seabed salts from the Andes, Himalayas, Hawaii and Utah. Excellent source of electrolytes, great for gourmet cooking and important for any detoxification program.

Scalar Starter Kit

Includes twelve Energy Biodine, two Rad Clear, one BioScalar Energized Castor Oil and one thermometer.

Divinely Organic Colloidals
These true scalar charged, broad spectrum colloidal minerals are highly bioavailable. Found in a deeply rich ancient plant seabed in a naturemade ratio, these minerals are triple distilled into a stainless steel vat and are free of any chemicals or preservatives.

Crystal Clinoptilolite
Special zeolite powder extremely negatively charged (-), unadulterated, non-micronized and bioscalar enhanced. Excellent for parasites and heavy metals.

Health Gems© is one of the most unique companies you will ever encounter. It was created out of the earnest desire to help heal the world—one by one.

With over 30 years of conventional, complementary and alternative healthcare and independent medical research experience, Health Gems© is at the forefront in the understanding of frequency, True Scalar Energy©, and its direct relationship to perfect, vibrant health and consciousness. Through the use of true scalar mechanics (far beyond quantum mechanics) combined with extreme purity of raw materials, a bioscalar field is developed. This resultant empowering field, part of our inherent energetic anatomy, is the highest possible frequency of organizing energy available to humanity at this time. True Scalar Energy© (not to be confused with adulterated scalar energy) creates reorganization of the DNA and harmonizes one's energy fields on all levels back to the True Divine Blueprint©, a prerequisite for both wellness and ascension of conciousness.

Health Gems© is committed to providing true scalar enhanced, highest possible variable frequency, vigilantly pure, leading edge products designed to meet different levels of conciousness for awakening within oneself the true highest and best spiritual path. Since many are unaware of: True Scalar Energy© (let alone distorted scalar energy that prevents ascension); frequency; proper alkalinity of the blood; and how simple it is to take care of the brilliant human body mechanism, at Health Gems©, heavy emphasis is placed on educating its members.

Truth was, is and always will be simple. But sifting through myriad cloaks of complexity to ascertain truth can sometimes be challenging. As a result, Health Gems© shapes intricate topics into layperson's terms to help rapid understanding of the healing and ascension process. It is important to note that healing and ascension are mutually exclusive. For example, a 3-D healing does not guarantee ascension or the ultimate goal of self liberation.

Although the human body at its core resonates with truth, we must recognize and embody truth in order to overcome the powerful motivator, fear (False Evidence Appearing Real), found in the global matrix of untruths. By doing so, it brings inspiration, courage and empowerment to implement the healing, ascension and liberation process for oneself.

Disclaimer: All products and services; written information in flyers, brochures, labels and so on; information provided on audio and video cassettes, CDs, DVDs and so on; and by telephone verbally; or in any other medium of communication, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Rather, Health Gems©, a private, membership-based organization, is functioning for entertainment purposes only. For all health concerns, please consult with an appropriate healthcare practitioner.
The True Scalar Difference!

Divinely Organic Coconut Oil

Unparalleled to any coconut oil on the market, this bioscalarized extra virgin, pure, totally raw, unheated, unrefined, non-gritty, unfermented, undeodorized, unbleached oil comes in glass bottles. This oil is made from only the freshest coconuts in a plant with certified quality control standards. Uses: oil pulling, energizing food, stable cooking oil with 350°F smoke point, homemade salad dressings, makeup remover, massage lotion, moisturizer, facial cleanser, hair conditioner, suntan lotion, toothpaste, personal lubricant, deodorant.

Energy Biodine

This true scalar charged topical and oral iodine antiseptic is great for wounds, bedsores, sore joints, parasites, increased energy, etc.


Rad Clear

True scalar charged hyper-extreme oxygen-saturated spring water with specific frequencies to neutralize harmful radiation.


MAG-Ease Topical Spray

Given compromised digestive systems, true scalar charged, highly oxygenated and concentrated MAG-Ease Topical Spray offers a superior, alternative transdermal method to help the body absorb much needed magnesium.

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